Evaluation of the results of implementation of the self-testing intervention within the framework of the project “HealthLink”


The term of realization

21.04.2023 – 20.09.2023

Principal Investigator

Hanna Meteliuk

Funded by

CO “100% LIFE”

The aim of the project

To evaluate the results of implementing the self-testing intervention (ST).

Goals and objectives

Research tasks of the quantitative component:
1. Description of the portrait of the client of the self-testing intervention (key populations and the general population).
2. Comparison of the effectiveness of the ST models within the project.
3. Description of trends in the distribution of tests online at https://prozdorovia.in.ua.
4. Determine whether the oral test distribution intervention has had an impact on the strengthening of index testing (IT) – triangulation with the results of the qualitative component.

Research tasks of the qualitative component:
1. To study the accessibility and acceptability of OT among different population groups, including KPs.
2. Analyze and provide recommendations for the implementation of HTS interventions among people at high risk of infection.
3. Describe barriers and best practices in referring clients for retesting and follow-up to ART in cases of reactive results.
4. To find out the attitude of providers and clients to HIV HCT services as an innovative approach that can contribute to expanding testing coverage of KPs, the general population and their partners in the context of impacting the HIV epidemic. Triangulation with the results of the quantitative component.
5. Analyze the impact of HIV testing on the demand for existing prevention services for people who test negative.
6. Determine the impact of HTS on clients’ risky behavior.

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