Mental health of key populations: needs and opportunities for receiving appropriate services in the context of war in Ukraine


The term of realization

08.06.2023 – 21.09.2023

Principal Investigator

Kostyantyn Dumchev

Funded by

ICF «Alliance for Public Health»

The aim of the project

The main purpose of the study is to identify the main ways and mechanisms for involving PWID, SW, MSM, and TD to mental health services, as well as to provide recommendations for establishing interaction between community representatives, HIV service NGOs, and mental health service providers.

Goals and objectives

1. To find out the general perception of PWID, SW, MSM and TDs of mental health services and their willingness to receive them from various providers, including family doctors;

2. Identify existing and demanded mental health services for PWID, SW, MSM and TD, including those provided by HIV service NGOs;

3. Identify existing ways for PWID, SW, MSM and TD to cope with stress or anxiety, as well as awareness of ways to help themselves if needed;

4. Identify the main barriers and factors that facilitate the use of mental health services by PWID, SW, MSM and TDs;

5. Identify mental health service providers that provide mental health services to the general population free of charge and assess the perception and readiness of PWID, SW, MSM and TD to provide such services;

6. To find out the existing capacities of HIV service NGOs in providing mental health services for PWID, SW, MSM and TD, including challenges, and their perception and readiness to cooperate with specialized providers;

7. Provide recommendations for optimizing the mechanism of interaction between PWID, SW, MSM and TD, HIV service NGOs and mental health service providers to improve access to mental health support for key populations.

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