Study of the drug scene of Ukraine


The term of realization

06.10.2022 – 31.12.2022

Principal Investigator

Anna Meteliuk

Funded by

SI “Public Health Center of the MOH of Ukraine”

The aim of the project

To explain the state and trends of the current changes in the modern drug scene in Ukraine, to determine the regional features of the drug scene, to study the ways of entering Ukraine and the distribution of narcotic drugs, as well as to describe the portrait of users of various types of narcotic drugs.

Goals and objectives

  • Investigate the reasons for the changes in the choice of the main drug by PWID, namely the predominance of “street methadone” over opium extract;
  • Update the list of narcotic substances available in Ukraine;
  • Determine the ways of entry of narcotic substances into the country and their internal traffic;
  • To determine the portrait of the average PWID;
  • Compare the descriptive characteristics of narcotic substances depending on the region;
  • Investigate the ways of obtaining narcotic substances and the reasons for choosing these ways;
  • Identify the impact of COVID-19 on the method of obtaining and using narcotic substances.
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