Providing access to opioid agonist therapy (OAT) methadone/buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid dependence of persons registered in the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine


The term of realization

15.02.2016 – 31.01.2023

Principal Investigator

Serhii Dvoriak

Funded by

Yale University, New Haven, USA

The aim of the project (Probation)

To study how the MATLINK method works in Ukraine for persons who are registered in the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine and need drug treatment, by informing and referring to the opioid agonist therapy (OAT).

Goals and objectives

1. Implement the MATLINK program, which will provide the necessary information to persons in need of drug treatment who are registered with the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, and refer them to OAT programs to reduce the use or refusal of illegal drugs.
2. The results of the study will determine how this program, namely early intervention and treatment for people with drug-related disorders, may be beneficial for the country in the future.

The aim of the project (Cooperation to prevent the spread of HIV in places of detention)

Identify and better understand barriers to starting and continuing HIV and drug treatment (ART and OAT).

Goals and objectives

1. Implement or expand drug-based treatment (OAT) offered to prisoners with opioid use disorders (OUD) and after release from prison using the MATLINK strategy, which allows implementing the protocols adapted to the conditions of the country on each site of the study.
2. Assess organizational barriers and suggest institutional interventions for prison managers and staff to promote and support MATLINK interventions.
3. Evaluate the results of prisoners receiving OAT on a patient’s level, assess the relationship with the community-based treatment of dependency and post-release treatment, and assess the results of drug dependence treatment, such as the time before relapse for opioid use, days without opioids, the severity of drug dependence, criminal activity, and HIV risk behavior (injecting and sexual).
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