Integration of TB, HIV, and drug treatment services in the penitentiary system of Ukraine


The term of realization

19.01.2022 – 31.07.2023

Principal Investigator

Tetiana Kiriazova

Funded by

Yale University, New Haven, USA

The aim of the project

Тo develop a transitional care model that will integrate TB treatment, antiretroviral therapy (ART), and OUD treatment to facilitate TB treatment upon prison release, enabling successful individual outcomes and reduction of secondary transmission.

Goals and objectives

1. Using the Exploration, Preparation, Implementation, and Sustainment (EPIS) implementation science framework, to explore the multilevel barriers and facilitators to TB treatment completion after release from prison in Ukraine.
2. Using findings from Aim 1, to prepare to implement evidence-based transitional care interventions like methadone for PWID linked to patient navigation by bringing together stakeholders, including the prison department, ministry of healt,h and NGOs to create more effective and sustainable policies for TB treatment.
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