TB stigma in Ukraine: a meeting of experts

Focus groups within the framework of the project “Assessment of TB-Associated Stigma in Ukraine” took place on September 15-16 in Kyiv.

The project is implemented by the European Institute of Public Health Policy in partnership with the NGO “100% of Life” with the support of the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The discussions were attended by experts from national and international organizations whose activities are aimed at protecting human rights and combating socially dangerous diseases – in particular, TBpeopleUkraine, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, PATH, the Office of the Ombudsman of Ukraine, NGO “100% of Life” and others.

During the meetings in Kyiv, focus group participants discussed policies and legislation on each of the seven basic human rights related to tuberculosis using the Stigma Assessment tool. Developed by the Stop TB Partnership, this tool expands the understanding of stigma in TB patients, their families and health care providers, determines its extent in specific settings or target groups, and tracks changes in stigma over time.

The study “Assessment of TB-Associated Stigma in Ukraine” is the first study of the stigma index in the countries of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region (EECA). It aims to identify stigma-related barriers to accessing TB treatment and prevention services, to develop an algorithm for overcoming these barriers through changes in national or regional policy, and to propose new forms of activities to ensure effective provision of TB-services in Ukraine.

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