Congratulations to the winners and participants of the children’s drawing contest on the theme “Elderly people and the war in Ukraine”

The results of the competition carried out within the framework of the “50+” and “PROST” projects have been summed up. An independent jury determined the winners in different age categories
Working on and evaluating each work, the members of the independent jury were filled with emotions and admiration. The drawings of the participants allowed the adults to feel the sadness and feelings of the children and to look at the catastrophe of the war through the prism of children. It is also nice to note the active patriotic position that can be traced in the works.

Considering the set of factors (content, color, expressiveness, compliance with the theme, compositional decision, etc.) according to age categories, the winners are:

4 – 6 years
  • Nazar Slyusar, 6 years old
  • Zhenya Saichuk, 5 years old
7 – 9 years
  • Maria Znaharenko, 7 years old
  • Marta Pronyshyn, 9 years old
10 – 12 years
  • Arina Vasilieva, 11 years old
  • Gavriela Vrachnou, 11 years old
13 – 15 years
  • Arina Zaviryukha, 14 years old
  • Oleksandr Stryzhak, 15 years old
There are also special prizes for the winners of the nomination “Choice of audience sympathies”: Valeria Petlyovana, 14 years old; Mikita Agapov, 7 years old; Artur Dyachenko, 5 years old; Ivan Tytarenko, 9 years old.


You are incredibly talented! Your works are filled with deep feelings, care for relatives, and faith in Ukraine and its people.

All participants and winners of the competition will receive awards from the organizers until July 15.

Let us support each other! Everything will be Ukraine!
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