84th Annual Scientific Meeting of the College on the Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD 2022) began in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

On June 10, 2022, Senior Researcher of the Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy Tetiana Kiriazova became a special guest of InWomen’s Conference – the first program event of CPDD 2022.

Due to the new challenges posed by the hostilities in Ukraine, the organizers expanded the range of planned topics and offered to discuss the consequences of the war, waged by russia, for scientists, as well as for workers and patients of the Public Health System in Ukraine.

In her speech, Tetiana Kiriazova not only provided statistics on the destruction and human losses in the health care and humanitarian sphere of Ukraine, including treatment programs (OAT, ART) for key populations. She also shared the personal stories of our colleagues – doctors and social workers from Luhansk and Donetsk Regions, who often were forced to make difficult decisions choosing between their own safety and the needs of their patients in the extreme conditions of the war.

The report used information obtained from researchers and participants of the project “Integrating Addiction Treatment and HIV Services into Primary Care Clinics”, which is implemented in Ukraine by the European Institute of Public Health Policy.

100 days of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Tetiana Kiriazova, UIPHP, 2022 (EN)

  • Many thanks to our donors who continue supporting us.
  • We are grateful to all American people for their strong support we feel.
  • Special thanks to our doctors, nurses and social workers – they are our heroes.
  • Very special thanks to the Ukrainian Army defending not only our country but the fundamental principles of democracy..
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