Qualitative study of people living with HIV / AIDS behavior


The term of realization

16.12.2019 – 30.12.2020

Principal Investigator

Tetiana Kiriazova

Funded by

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The aim of the project

Identifying internal and external factors that encourage or prevent PLHIV from staying in treatment, monitoring their health, and living a safe lifestyle to prevent transmission of the virus to their sexual and / or injecting drug partners.

Goals and objectives

  • To identify and describe factors that prevent or facilitate access to HIV detection and treatment services, including internal and external factors related to different types of service providers, patient and provider characteristics, policies and regulations, etc.;
  • To analyze and describe successful cases of overcoming barriers of access;
  • To identify and describe in detail the process of passing from testing to the start of ART treatment of HIV-positive members of the target groups with a focus on factors that may hinder this process;
  • To identify and describe possible «incentives» for HIV-positive representatives of key groups and providers of medical and social services that will improve (accelerate) such a process;
  • To gather the information needed to develop communication, advertising and marketing campaigns that will encourage patients to go through the entire cascade of services, as well as to develop strategies for capacity development and demand for medical services among patients.
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