Children’s drawing contest “Elderly people and the war in Ukraine”

We invite young painters to take part in a competition that will allow the younger generation to support all Ukrainians and especially the elderly in connection with today’s realities – the war in Ukraine.
The competition was announced as part of the “50+” and «PROST» projects, which have been implemented by the Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy and European Institute of Public Health Policy and aims to study the impact of socially hazardous diseases on people over 50, identify difficulties in working with this group of patients and ways to overcome these difficulties. Terms of the competition:
  • children of any age can participate in the competition;
  • the drawing must be made on A4 paper using any materials (paints, markers, pencils, chalk, etc.);
  • drawings are accepted by e-mail;
  • business card (surname and name of the painter, age) should be enclosed in the file name or in the subject of the letter;
  • deadlines for submission of works – until 22.05.2022.
Gifts are guaranteed for the authors. According to the decision of independent experts, winners of the competition will be determined, who will receive valuable prizes. We would like to support and encourage young Ukrainians with this competition The competition works can be used by the organizers in the presentation materials of the «50+» and «PROST» projects, aimed at improving the access of people in the age over 50 to prevention, treatment and other public health services. Let us support each other! Slava Ukraini!
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