Research of the TB stigma index in Ukraine on the basis of the assessment tool developed by StopTBParthership


The term of realization

18.06.2020 – 31.03.2021

Principal Investigator

Tetiana Kiriazova

Funded by

CO «100% LIFE»

The aim of the project

Assessing the extent to which stigma associated with TB is a barrier to accessing and providing TB services.

Goals and objectives

1. To understand the level and size of the presumed, experienced stigma, as well as self-stigmatization (internal stigma) among people diagnosed with tuberculosis. 2. To understand the level and extent of secondary TB stigma, stigma experienced by people diagnosed with tuberculosis, and stigma observed by family members / caregivers of people diagnosed with tuberculosis. 3. To understand the level of perceived stigmatization of people diagnosed with tuberculosis in communities and the stigma observed by the community. 4. To understand the level and magnitude of the expected stigma for people diagnosed with tuberculosis in health care facilities and the stigma for health care workers.
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