Risk factors for HIV infection among HIV-positive young women registered with HIV in national registry in Ukraine and their partners


The term of realization

16.12.2019 – 31.12.2020

Principal Investigator

Oleksandr Zeziulin

Funded by

ICF «Alliance for Public Health»

The aim of the project

Identifying the source of HIV infection among partners of young HIV-positive women with heterosexual transmission.

Goals and objectives

1. To identify the ways of transmition HIV to young HIV-positive women by more clearly identifying information on risk factors (using self-administered interview and HCV testing data) for registered HIV cases in Ukraine in 2016-2018. 2. To identify and describe the population of HIV-positive sexual partners, including their belonging to the main risk groups and behavioral risks. 3. To measure the factors associated with the heterosexual mode of HIV transmission among young women and their partners. 4. To develop recommendations for improving the system of identification of HIV transmission in the state statistics.
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